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Tournament Divisions


    Jam Basketball entered its first tournament in 1997 with a single 10U team. They won a few games but did not place in the tournament. From their we formed more teams each year, including girls divisions. For the most part Jam Tournament teams are Jam league players. We have competed very well in tournament play and have established Jam as one of the premier tournament leagues in the state of Arizona.


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Travel Teams
Registration Form For Fall 2000

Jam Basketball 2000-2001 Travel Teams ( links are not available yet)

Girls 10U Girls 11U/Clark Girls 12/U/Miks
Girls 12U/Waddell Girls 13U Girls 14U
Boys 9U/ Boys 10U/Davis Boys 11U/McBride
Boys 12U/Battle Boys 12U/Loomer
Boys 13U/McBride Boys 13U/Greer Boys 14U
Boys 15U Boys 16U/Layton

Jam Basketball Travel News


Jam Basketball

Jam is getting ready to start a new travel season. We will be forming teams for our entry levels, that is the girls 10U and boys 9U. Most of these players will be chosen from the ranks of our fall league and past winter league. Players will be called to see if they may be interested in being part of a Jam Travel Team. We will be putting together coaching staffs for these ages as the fall progresses. Last year both our girls 10U and boys 9U were tops in their age divisions. We plan to continue that winning tradition with our incoming teams.

Jam has always had quality coaching for the travel teams. We are very proud of the coaches that have given their time to help teach the young players about basketball, while being a positive roll model. If you look over the volunteer coaching staff for Jam travel you will find, at every level, a quality person who possesses a tremendous amount of basketball knowledge. Two of last years travel coaches went on to coach at the college level for the 2000-01 basketball season. Nick Nofi is now the head coach at Olean Community College in upstate New York, and Steve Silsby is now a full time assistant coach for men's basketball at a community college in Arkansas. They volunteered their time out of love of the game and commitment to community service.

Keep checking back to this page for updates on roosters and travel news.


Jam Basketball Travel Teams from the 1999-2000 Season

Girls 10U/Clark
Girls 11U/Waddell
Girls 11U/Miks
Girls 13U Arredondo
Boys 9U/Owens
Boys 10U/Nofi
Boys 10U/Mitchell
Boys 11U/Battle
Boys 11U/Loomer
Boys 12U/Walsh
Boys 12U/McBride
Boys 13U/Silsby
Boys 15U/Layton


Jam Basketball 1999 AAU Basketball Champions:


First Place Winners

Team Picture
9 and under Mike Witherill Team Picture
10 and under Sean Loomer Team Picture
11 and under George McBride Team Picture

Second Place Winners

9 and under George McBride Team Picture

Third Place Winners

10 and under Anna Battle  

3rd 98-99 grade team info:

Jam 98-99 3rd Grade Coach Witherill
Jam 98-99 4th Grade Coach McBride

Jam 98-99 4th grade info:

Jam 98-99 4th grade Coach Battle

Jam 98 -99 4th grade Coach Loomer

Jam 98-99 5th grade team info:

Coach McBride

Jam 98-99 6th grade team info:

Coach Nofi

Sporting Chance Summer Slam V (Aug 98) Tournament Results

Girls Divisions

Jam 1999-00 13U girls team: Coach Andy Arrendondo and John Ault

Jam 1999-00 11 U girls team: Coach Jeff Miks
Jam 1999-00 11 U girls team: Coach Roy Waddel and Larry Harju
Jam 1999-00 10U girlls team: Coach Fred Clark and Dave Parsons

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