Jam Basketball 2000 Girls 10U Tournament Team


The 1999/2000 10U Girls travel team was formed in January 2000. All of the
team members had played in the Jam League for several seasons but had never
all played together on the same team.

The first tournament that the team entered was the 2000 Winter Grand Canyon
Games where we took 1st place in the 10U division. We continued to win and
took 1st place in the 10U division of the Thunder Spring Tune Up, AAU AZ
State Qualifier, Elite Duel in the Desert and the Cinco De Mayo Tournaments.
In fact we never lost a game until we moved up and played in the 11U
Division in two Tournaments. Both of these tournaments provided us with
good learning experiences but early outs.

While the team qualified to go to AAU Nationals we chose to stay in AZ and
compete in the AAU NIC West Tournament. The team took 3rd in the NIC
tournament losing out to a team from CA and one from OK. However, we won 5
of our 7 games and were the only team to beat the 1st place team during the

In our first year as a team we did not travel out of AZ. In the 2000/2001
season we hope to continue to help Jam build a name as a quality program
both in and out of AZ.

Coach: Fred Clark

Assistant Coach: Dave Parsons

Treasurer: Shelley Walsh

Team Mom: Val Clark

Team Rooster
Kristen Arredondo # 3 Forward
Lindsey Breemes # 32 Guard
Patricia Chittenden # 10 Center/Forward
Jordan Clark # 23 Guard
Jessica Myers #13 Forward
Kaylyn Parsons # 11 Guard
Kimberly Randall # 20 Guard
Caitlin Walsh # 34 Guard/Forward
Jordyn Wentis # 12 Guard

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