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Hey what's up everybody. My name is George but everybody calls me Lil Georgie because I'm smaller than all of them. This is what I look like, 5'7, 120 lbs, blue eyes, and the girls love me (j/k). I like to play basketball, I coach my own 5th and 6th grade basketball team. I'm vice president of a youth basketball league called jam basketball and I'm only 14!!!!! I was born June 24th, 1988. I go to Akimel Middle School and I'm going to be going to Mountain Point High School next year. And I love to chill with my friends, write songs, sing and dance, play basketball, and just chill at home and watch TV. If you ever want to see me perform in front of an audience, you can come to the jam basketball games and watch me sing songs, people say I'm pretty good.


Shout Outs: This is to all my dogs

Wilson (Why are you so ugly)

Patrick (why are you uglier than Wilson)

Mitch (Even though your younger than me, you still my dog.)

Eric (You need to learn to not get on everybody's nerves, especially mine.)

Mark (You a Baller in Basketball)

Clayton (Man you is to funny)

Sara (You jus like my sister)

Jermaine (U mos definitely the funniest on the team)

Brett (Y u look like Al Bundie)

Brian (Mini Paul Pierce)

And I just cant forget the to best athletes that I've ever seen, Jetta and Sparky, stay tight.







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