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If you are looking for someone to work with your player and want someone who is great with the kids, call Moe Layton. Moe has been training a wide range of players. Parents and players are extremely pleased with the results. Jam enthusiastically supports Moe and his basketball training program. Don't wait, call Moe today and have your player ready for basketball season.

If your old enough, you may remember Moe was in the same backcourt with Paul Westfall at USC in the 60's. At the time it was the best backcourt in the country. Moe played at the same time Lew Alcinder and Sidney Wicks were playing at rival UCLA. The legendary John Wooden was coach at UCLA. If you get Moe talking about those days, Moe will talk about it with details as though it only happened yesterday. Just ask him about the time the UCLA recruiter came to Phoenix, while Moe was playing at Phoenix College, and arranged a call from John Wooden. Wooden was trying to steal  Moe from USC. After Wooden talked to Moe, he  arranged for Lew Alcinder, now you know him as Kareem, and Sidney Wicks to meet Moe at the airport. They were going to take Moe to the championship game of the Lakers and Celtics in LA. They were going  to try and convince him to go to UCLA instead of USC. But have Moe tell you the rest. It's a great story. Just make sure you sit down because you'll want Moe to tell you the whole story and it's not a short one. At least not with Moe.

Moe was drafted by the Phoenix Suns and is one of the Original Suns.

Moe does individual lessons and group lessons. For more information call Moe at 480 705 8873. You'll be glad you did


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