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Grades Kindergarten-Second


Jam Basketball is a non profit youth basketball organization serving both boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through grade eight. The goal of the Initiation to Basketball Division is to provide an opportunity for our youth participants to learn the fundamental skills of basketball, while instilling the values of team work, sportsmanship, promoting self esteem and building friendships. We strive to promote a healthy, competitive team spirit, not only for our players but our parents as well!!

There are just a few fundamental guidelines outside the regular rules of basketball which you need to be aware of while participating in JAM BASKETBALL.


All teams will consist of a maximum of 10 players.

The first criteria for team composition is based on the number, and school location of available coaches. School location of the player is the third criteria and we will attempt to keep players together by school, but it can not be guaranteed. Last of all, special requests will be granted if feasible.



Each player will play a minimum of one half of the game, preferably one quarter at a time. This will be strictly enforced. No player should play the whole game if there is sufficient players for substitutions.


All teams are required to play man-to-man defense. No double teaming is allowed. Violation of this rule will result in a warning from the referee.


No back court pressure is allowed. Teams must return to defend their basket after a change of possession.

Exception: If a player getting a rebound elects to run a fast break, a team may defend in back court. In other words a team making a defensive rebound must stop and allow the offensive team to get back on defense.

With respect to steals and reaching in: if ANY contact is made with the offensive player by the defensive player a foul is to be called. Fouls will be assigned according to the foul rules for that grade (refer to foul rules).


You cannot play zone defense in this division. Players are required to play near their "man". Players can switch defensive assignments in the event of an effective screen. Players are not allowed to "sag off" their player and play a zone. A zone occurs when a player is playing an area of the court. If the offensive player is above the free throw line, the defender must be above the free throw line. If the offensive player is below the free-throw line the defensive player must be below the free-throw line and out of the "key" area.


In kindergarten and first grade, dribbling with 2 hands and double dribbling will be loosely enforced. There will be no change of possession for a violation of double dribbling. Violations are enforced by the players ability. If a player double dribbles and creates an advantage for himself, then a violation occurs. If a player creates no advantage, he or she may not be called for a violation. As the season progresses, referees may increase enforcement as they see fit.



A pick is when an offensive player, without the ball, sets up to block out the defensive player guarding the man with the ball. Jam allows picks to be used. Just as in high school and up through professional, a person setting a pick can not be in motion or hold the player he is trying to "pick". An illegal pick will result in an offensive foul with a loss of possession.

A successful pick may cause a defensive switch which can result in a double team. If a player runs a successful pick a double team is allowed briefly, as to let the other player get back to his man.



There will be no foul shots for initiation to basketball division. Also, there will be no disqualification’s for number of fouls a player may get. In the alternative, one point will be awarded for all fouls in Initiation to Basketball Division


Exception: There will be no points awarded for offensive fouls, however, there will be a change of possession. The team committing the offensive foul will lose possession.


If a player is fouled while in the act of shooting and the ball goes in, the basket counts and an additional point is awarded for the foul, a change of possession will also occur. If the shot does not go in, one point is still awarded for the foul and the team that was fouled maintains possession.



In the event of a flagrant foul the offensive team is awarded two points and the player is warned about the possibility of being ejected from the game. The team that is fouled will maintain possession.


There will be no lane violations for the Initiation to Basketball Division


Each team is allowed two one minute time outs per half, no carry overs.


Substitutions can be made at any time. However, there are limitations. Only two players at a time may be substituted. The player must report to the scorers table and the referee will allow the player to enter the game at the appropriate time. There will be NO STOP IN PLAY to make a change, unless of course it is an official time out.


No three point shots in the initiation to basketball Division


Each team is allotted one hour of time for their game. Teams will play 8 minute periods. The clock will be a running clock except in the last 30 seconds of each quarter. Half time will be five minutes. If the game is running late, half time will be cut accordingly.


Ball size in the Initiation to Basketball Division will be a youth size 28.5 inch ball.


In the event of a tie there will be a maximum of two overtimes, lasting one minute in length. After 2 overtimes if the game is still tied the game will end in a tie.


Scores will be kept at all grade levels. Generally jam provides a scorekeeper, but from time to time we may request assistance from a parent on your team.


Jump balls will determine possession only at beginning of game. Otherwise a possession arrow will be used.


All grades will have one official referee. We will not tolerate any badgering of the referees. Judgment calls cannot not be questioned. Remember: Good attitudes toward referees will create good referee attitudes.


Coaches must remain at their bench area. Only head coaches can stand on the sidelines. There shall be no coaches positioned at the baseline, under the hoop. Kindergarten coaches are allowed on the court

JAM BASKETBALL reserves the right to adjust the rules during the course of the season. From time to time rule clarification is needed and coaches will be notified of such.

The referees will be using their own judgment with respect to individual capabilities of players in the younger grades. As the players skills increase the enforcement of rules will also increase.


Ball Size: Youth Size or 27.5 inches










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