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Jam Basketball Intermediate Rules

Rules for 3rd-4th grade boys and 3rd-6th grade girls


All teams will consist of a maximum of 10 players.

Players will be evaluated and placed on teams according to skills and ability. Jam will try to honor special requests, and when possible, keep players of like schools together.


Each player will play a minimum of one half of the game, preferably one quarter at a time. NOTE: The exception to this rule is the player who fouls out.


Weeks 1 and 2:

During weeks one and two all teams are required to play man-to-man defense. The definition of man-to-man defense is as follows:

The court is divided into three offensive zone areas; the area above the free throw line, the area to the left of the key and the area right of the key. There must be one defender for each offensive player in one of these zones. For instance, if all offensive players are above the free throw line, all defensive players must be at least at or above the free throw line. The same is true for each of the other zones described above. A player may, however, leave his man another zone to pursue a double team of a man with the ball in the key area. He cannot "anticipate" a play and double-team a player without the ball. He is then playing a "zone" between his player and another player he thinks is about to get the ball.  


Double-teaming the ball is only allowed below the free throw line from sideline to sideline. You cannot double-team a man without the ball. Violation of this rule will result in a warning from the referee. Each team gets one warning per half. A second violation and each subsequent violation per half will result in a technical foul shot awarded to the offensive team and possession back to the offensive team after the shot.

No back court defense is allowed except in the last 3 minutes of each half, providing the team that is pressing does not have more than a 15 point lead. Teams must return to defend their basket after a change of possession.

Exception: If a team is running a fast break a defender may start to defend the man he or she is guarding. The offensive team must make an attempt to allow the team to get back on defense and set up.

Weeks 3 and on:

            After the second week of the season, teams will be allowed to play to the official rules of basketball regarding defense. Teams may play zone defense. They also may double team at any place on the court.

            Backcourt defense will be allowed the entire the last 3 minutes of each half .


Non shooting fouls will be taken out of bounds. After six team fouls, all fouls will be shot on a one on one basis. After 9 team fouls there will be two shots awarded for each non-shooting foul. All fouls committed in the act of shooting will result in foul shots. There will be two foul shots being awarded if the basket is missed and 1 shot awarded for the foul if the basket is made for all fouls committed against a player in the act of shooting

Players are allowed to commit 5 personal fouls. After 5 personal fouls, the player is disqualified. If a player gets disqualified on fouls, and the team has less than 5 players, the player that is disqualified on fouls can play to keep his team at 5 players, but, each and every time he fouls it will result in 2 points being awarded to the team being fouled by this player and the team being fouled gets to keep possession of the ball.

Free throw lane violations will occur on foul shots when a player enters the lane on a foul shot prior to the ball hitting the rim. All players must wait until the ball hits the rim before entering the lane for a rebound on a foul shot. The shooter must remain behind the foul line till the ball hits the rim also.

Exception to free throw lane violations: The players in 3rd-4th grade boys and 3rd-4th grade girls are allowed to line-up at the free throw line, but may cross the line upon shooting. However they must wait till the ball hits the rim before moving closer for the rebound.


In the event of a flagrant foul the offensive team is awarded two points and the player is warned about the possibility of being ejected from the game. The team that is fouled will maintain possession


Lane violations occur when a player stays in the key for 5 consecutive seconds.


Each team is allowed two one-minute time outs per half. Time outs cannot be carried over.


Substitutions can be made at any time, provided it is a dead ball situation. However, there are limitations. The player must report to the scorer s table and the referee will allow the player to enter the game at the appropriate time. There will be NO STOP IN PLAY to make a change, unless of course it is an official time out.


If the court is striped for three point shots, they will count when made.


All grades 3-8 will play  (4) six-minute quarters. The clock will stop at all whistles and not start until the referee signals the ball is in play.



This division will play with a 28.5 inch ball.


In the event of a tie there will be a maximum of two overtimes, each lasting one minute in length. If the score remains tied after the two overtimes the game ends in a tie.


Scores will be kept at all grade levels. It is up to the coaches to assign a scorekeeper from each team for your games.


Jump balls will determine possession only at beginning of game. Otherwise a possession arrow will be used.


Third grade and up will have two official referees. We will not tolerate any badgering of the referees. Judgment calls cannot be questioned.


Coaches are to behave in a sportsman like manner during the games. No coaches are allowed on the court while game is in play. Assistant coaches must remain seated during games. Only the head coach can direct questions to the officials. If a coach is given a technical foul he must remain seated for the remainder of game. After 2 technical fouls the coach is required to leave the gym. Any extremely abusive or vulgar language by a coach may result in the suspension of the coach for the remainder of the season. Any physical contact with an official will result in immediate removal of the coach from the league.

JAM BASKETBALL reserves the right to adjust the rules during the course of the season. From time to time rule clarification is needed and coaches will be notified of such.

At any time if you have questions or concerns, please call us.

Technical Fouls

Coaches are not permitted to question the referee s judgment calls. Referees calls are not negotiable. Coaches will be subject to a technical foul for abuse of the referees. Upon receiving the first technical foul a coach may no longer stand on the sideline. He must remain seated on the bench for the remainder of the game. If he leaves the bench he will receive his second technical foul and is then required to leave the gym.

Players can receive a technical foul for misconduct or unacceptable behavior. After the second technical foul a player will be ejected from the game and must leave the gym.

Fans can also receive technical fouls. A fan may be removed from the gym at the referee s discretion.

All misconduct technical fouls will result in 2 foul shots.

Send you comments to: George McBride

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