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Jam Basketball Advanced Rules


These teams will play will play to the official AIA High School Rules with the following exceptions:
  • Playing Time: All players will play at least half the game.
  • Ball Size: Boys 5th-6th, girls 7th-8th grade 28.5. Boys 7th-8th Regulation 29.5"
  • 2 time outs per half, no carryovers.
  • 6 minute quarters (clock stops at all whistles)
  • No double teaming or press if leading by more than 15 points
  • 2-3 minute half time
  • 1 minute period breaks
  • 2 one minute overtime periods. Game will end in a tie if stilled tied after 2 one minute OT's. In the event of a second there will be no break between the two OT's. There will be a jump ball immediately after completion of the first OT.


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