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About This Site

George McBride

I personally do all the design and publishing for this site. It has come a long way since its inception and we hope that you get the needed information for all your league needs. This site has reached over 35 megs and is growing. I hope to have a archive of Jam photos and activities for a long time to come. 

You will be able to find information about up coming seasons, get registration forms, find draft times and get maps and directions to schools. I try to make registration forms available to you weeks before the registration deadline. 

You will get information on some of our travel teams and a story from time to time. We also will publish your own stories if you find the time to write them. If you have a interesting story related to your basketball team and you would like to e-mail the story to us please do. We will put it on our front page.

This site has become a very popular youth basketball site in the Valley. We get many visits from other basketball organizations. The Stars, Elite, Thunder, and various other clubs check in often to the Arizona Jam Web Site. We also get many visits from our own members during the season. Almost every member of Jam who has a web connection gets their information from this web site. All schedules, rosters, and pertinent information is available on this site and it has become a very convenient way for our members to get information.








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