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Last Update: 01/03/06

Jam News


Jam Basketball off for the Summer

June 13th 2003

Phoenix Arizona - After a lot of thought and discussion we have decided to not have our usual summer program.  In the past, Jam has put on an 8 week fall and winter program. The spring season is 6 weeks counting the draft.  Our Summer program was 5 weeks. The Fall and Winter seasons had staggered starts so add another 2 week-ends to the year. That totals up to about 29 weeks per year for us. As many of you who played in Jam know, the league is run by two people - George and Cathe McBride. 29 plus weeks is just getting to be to many and we are cutting back. Check back for more as the summer progresses. We will provide more info on where Jam is heading. More to come........




Jam Rules Regarding Playing Time

Feb 17, 2002

Phoenix AZ- It has always been a rule of Jam that players play half of the game. It is written in all our rules but the Advanced Rules. We have always tried to emphasize to the coaches at the draft aware that players in Jam play half the game. But we totally overlooked it when putting the Advance Rules up on the web site. It has come to my attention that several of our coaches were not aware of that rule. I can't blame them for not being aware of the rule, since it was not on the rules page for that division.

So I have corrected the rules and now hopefully all the coaches will follow that rule. One thing for all our coaches to remember - plan for your rotations in advance and stick to them. In the event of close game winding down, don't leave yourself in the position of being tempted to cut someone's playing time short because you don't like who you have on the court. Remember if every coach plays all their players evenly it should all balance as far as balance goes. Don't make your team better by shorting one of your developing players playing time.

Congratulations to Akimel and Centennial Basketball

January 30, 2002

Phoenix Az.- The Tempe Kyrene Athletic Conference held it's boy's basketball Championship Tournament this week. more.....



Kyrene School District Insists Jam Pay for Outdoor Playgrounds


Playgrounds Should Be Free not for FEE


September 24, 2002

Phoenix, AZ - Kyrene School District Community Education a few years ago instituted a fee for all organizations for use of playgrounds. We have battled them about charging community based teams, like Jam and YMCA, for practicing at various outdoor playgrounds. We have felt that these playgrounds should be free to anyone. After all it is the local property taxes that pay for these playgrounds to begin with. Why make the community pay twice? Is the district afraid the little kids feet will wear out the cement?


The fee for Jam would be $125 per playground. There are 23 schools in the Kyrene district. We don't know where players will practice so if we were to pay for each playground it would cost the league $2875 per year to cover the cost of the playgrounds. So we would like to let our members know that if you practice at a Kyrene School playground, your team may be kicked off by school personnel.


If your team gets bounced passed from the playground and you want to continue to practice at the outdoor playground you could take up a collection and take it to Community Education to continue practicing. Because, with the fees the district is already charging us for indoor gym use, application fees, cancellation fees, and fees for fees, Jam can't pay this charge.


So what is a team to do? You could practice at local parks or high schools. Tempe Union High School District does not charge for use of their outdoor playgrounds. Desert Vista, Mountain Pointe and Corona all have outdoor courts which are free. There are plenty of public parks, which are also free. At least free to the extent we only pay for building them. With Kyrene School district we pay to build them and then they rent them back to us. 


It  might be a good idea to let school board members know how you feel about this. After all it was your school board that voted this fee into place after it was proposed by Community Education.


Fall 2002 Registration

Click here for registration form


Aug 14th, 2002


Phoenix - Jam Basketball has posted the fall 2002 registration form today. It is available to print and fax or mail with your payment. The season will start the 1st or 2nd week of October and the draft will be on September 28th, 2002. The season will be seven games. The seventh game will be the first game of a single elimination tournament. All teams will qualify to play in the championship game.


Cost for the season will again be $85. It may seem like someone is getting rich off this fee, but the cost of each game shocks most people. For instance, 2 referees cost $34 per game. The Kyrene School District charges $30 per hour plus cleanup. Flyers for distribution cost $1100. If we can't get a volunteer to do the scorers table we have another fee of $10 per game for a site person. Each game your child plays in cost a minimum of around $75. Plus the draft costs about $300 - $400.


We hope this sheds light on where the money goes and hopefully parents will understand that Jam is not a money making business. We are a user pays organization. We don't get tax payer dollars or United Way funding to help defer costs as the YMCA or City programs do.


Playing in Jam helps lower your tax burden. The City of Phoenix parks and recs programs all are funded by your tax dollars. When you play in a city parks basketball program and only pay $40 for a registration fee it is because the difference of what it costs and what you pay is made up by the city coffers. A city parks program can loose as much as $300 per team. If you count all the administration salaries, office space, computers, and phones the city programs loose even more than $300 per team. Guess where all the money comes from. That's right, your tax dollars.









Jam Winter 2002 Championship


and Stories

Click here for more on championship games





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